Birth place: Scarborough
November 5

Alan Park is a cross between a stand-up comic and a sit-down satirist, whose weekly commentary on Air Farce is called "Not The Official Story". He mocks reality and digs behind the headlines to find the vein of humour or the object of weird but witty attack. He's most comfortable walking the precarious edge between the profane and the ridiculous. Part Torontonian, part Vancouverite, he's performed throughout Canada, including the stages of Yuk Yuk's and a prize-winning appearance at Montreal's Just For Laughs, and also extensively through England. He's starred in his own episode of CTV's Comedy Now and has written for television talk and comedy shows. His first appearnce on Air Farce was April 2, 2004.

Your reaction to joining Air Farce?
An initial brief period of surprise and outrage, followed by a great pressure of being entrusted with helping to hold up a long standing Canadian institution. These guys have been doing it for decades and I'm thrilled to have been asked to contribute to the show in an area outside of sketch.

What did you want to be when you were in school?
Out of school.

What makes you laugh?
Slapstick first, edgy second. Getting to the truth of the matter via ridiculous illustration.

Why is comedy so important to you?
I have always enjoyed laughing more than anything else I can think of. Except sex, which should contain no laughter whatsoever. If only that were true.