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John Morgan

Birth place:
Aberdare, Wales

Birthday: September 21
Star Sign: Virgo
Lived in: London, Paris, Lisbon, Timmins, Windsor, Montreal, Toronto

John Morgan passed on in November, 2004. Click here for a list of realted articles and links.

John came to Canada from Wales, and has at  various times been a newspaper reporter, a magazine editor, a school-teacher and a pub owner. In 1966 he turned to comedy writing, and since then has been one of Canada's most prolific writers for radio, television and stage. He co-created the CBC Radio series Funny You Should Say That; was one of the founders of Air Farce; wrote the pilot for King of Kensington, and served as script consultant and writer for several television comedy series. He's written and performed in England, including his BBC Radio Series It's All In The Mind of John Morgan. His Air Farce characters include Jock McBile, the monosyllabic Mike from Canmore, and the Prophet on the Mount. John performed and wrote on Air Farce until his retirement at the end of Season 8 (April 2001).

"Memories of Morgan" Click Here!

Air Farce salutes our retired co-star, co-writer, and co-founder John Morgan, with an "all John, all the time" episode featuring just a few of John's many great scripts and performances. Classic sketches include a rant from Jock McBile and one of the many weird situations involving Mike, From Canmore.

AND, click here for newspaper articles and more info related to John's retirement at the end of Season 8.

WEB EXTRA: Click here for a streaming video tribute from Roger, Don and Luba talking to CBC-TV's Alison Smith (on The National) about John's retirement.

Reason for becoming a writer
I figured if I was going to get stabbed in the back, I'd prefer it to be with a pen.

Favourite Air Farce characters
Jock McBile, because I can let all my anger fly against society and get paid for it.

Favourite Air Farce sketch
It was one that never saw air. Don and I were space cadets, and hadn't seen each other's costumes, and as soon as we saw each other, we broke up. We must have tried 8 or 9 times, but couldn't get past the first four lines.

Most embarrassing moment (related to Air Farce)
I was asked to introduce a character in Calgary (at a radio show) named Rhomboid Muckfuster. You can figure out the mistake.

Biggest challenge on Air Farce
Knowing which day it is when I wake up.

Highlight of working on Air Farce
I get a chance to dump on the idiots.

Who makes you laugh?
Tony Hancock.

Your attitude towards being politically correct
I think it's something imported by people who don't want us to discuss subjects they can be criticized on. It's an avoidance mechanism.

Who was the major influence on your career?
Martin Bronstein

Where do you get your ideas?
I leave a tooth under my pillow and the Joke Fairy... no, I get ideas from the papers and radio. As it Happens is a great source.

What did you want to be when you were in school?
An architect, after I read about Frank Lloyd Wright's sex life.