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ORIGINAL AIR DATE Friday, December 12, 2001

Dave The Cabbie (4:07)

Dave the cabbie high-flags Canadian borders, Rogers Iinternet disruption, Yassar Arafat gets bombed, Vancouver terrorist sentenced, Stockwell Day, Toronto's garbage, Air Canada complaints, George Harrison, Canadians' donations to New York, Pierce Brosnan sexiest man of year, shyness drug and human cloning.

Bin Laden Watch Returns #1 (:34)
When good terrorists go bad...
Sports Central Co-Hosts (2:14)

Jock talk with a dynamic diction duo.

(with guest star Jonathan Torrens)

Bin Laden Watch Returns #2 (:39)

Osama - come out, come out, wherever you are...

Martin Prepares Budget (3:40)

Paul Martin croons away his budgetary blues.

Bin Laden Watch Returns #3 (:27)
This just in from a troop of boyscouts in Moncton, New Brunswick...
English Pie (2:55)

Prince Charles discusses the royal birds and bees with Prince William.

(with guest star Jonathan Torrens)

Book Review (2:00)

Heather Reisman's book hit list.

Reel to Real (3:12)

A cable movie critic gives public access to a budding director.

(with guest star Jonathan Torrens)

Bin Laden Watch Returns #4 (:33)

Terrorists on Ice?

Black & Decker Gentile (1:31)
The Gentile Plumber is all that he's cracked up to be and more.