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ORIGINAL AIR DATE Friday, January 11, 2002

Chicken Cannon: Target of 2001 (6:15)

The Chicken Cannon takes aim at the viewer-voted Target of the Year 2001. Also Alfanso Gagliano, Argentina, Stockwell Day, Ecoli in Regina, Buffalo, warm Canadian winter, search for Osama, Bin Laden's cave, shoe bomber, Hell's Angels, Australian fires, oldest man, Nelly Furtado, Michael Jordan's divorce, propaganda filmmaker and gay UPS doll.

Investigative Science (3:16)

In the race to produce pig parts for humans a scientist wins by a snout.

(with guest star Joe Flaherty)

Critic: 2001 Year in Entertainment (2:43)

Critic Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me uncovers 2001's entertainment highs and lows.

Olympic Moment: The Skeleton (3:06)

An Olympic coach sends his athlete on a downhill path.

(with guest star Joe Flaherty)

Canada 3000 (2:08)

Canada 3000 returns on a wing and a prayer as Canada $29.95.

Guy Lafleur for ED (1:08)
The aging hockey star deals with Erectile Dysfunction.
Chrétien Addresses The Troops (2:57)

Jean Chrétien gives Canadian soldiers an Afghani survival kit - soup, Buckley cough syrup and Curly Fries.

(with guest star Joe Flaherty)