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ORIGINAL AIR DATE Friday, March 5, 2004

Dave The Cabbie (2:49)

Dave the Cabbie rants about the Federal liberals, situation in Haiti, Hercules aircraft, water on Mars, Cab Driver Illustrated Swimsuit edition, NDP commercial, The Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson, Bird Flu at Disneyland in Hong Kong, Alfonso Gagliano - Mydoom virus, Stats Canada collecting bodily fluids.

Beavertone News: Myriam Bedard (1:46)

Biathlon gold medalist, Myriam Bedard takes aim at the former head of VIA Rail Jean Pelletier.

Hinterland Who's Who (1:31)

In search of one of Canada 's rarest and most endangered species, the honest politician.

Billie 2 Willies: Tax Season (1:48)

Tax tips with Billie 2 Willies.

Winter Break Travel Tips (2:26)

An officer with the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority presents some travel tips for vacationers.

Concussed Hockey Player (1:56)

Hockey player shoots for his 27th concussion.

Paula Zahn & The Bushes (4:14)

Paul Zahn interviews George and Laura Bush about the topic of gay marriages.

Police Cruisers With Cameras (3:12)

Newly installed police cams leave officers mugging for the camera.

Short Order Cook (2:01)

Molly, the Greasy spoon owner shares her views on the Conservative party leadership candidates.