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ORIGINAL AIR DATE Friday, October 15, 2004 - 8:00PM

Presidential Debate (3:30)

George Bush and John Kerry go tongue to tongue during their final debate.

Stock Exchange Report (1:18)

Review of the top economic news of the week.

Headline News (1:37)

Headline news talking head report on Canada 's submarines, budget surplus, Civil servant strike, Afghanistan election, Edmonton turns 100, Dar Hatherington, Harry Potter, BBC plans to Sound Of Music in bunkers during Nuclear War.

TD Canada Trust (1:13)

Parody of Toronto Dominion bank commercial.

World Live Feed News (1:58)

World Live Feed News reporter tries to make a news story out of nothing.

Bettman & Goodenow (1:39)

Gary Bettman and Bob Goodenow go tongue to tongue.

Not The Official Story With Alan Park (2:24)

Alan Park comments on Afghanistan election, George Bush's wearing radio-receiver during debate, Donald Rumsfeld, rising oil prices, sub shop opens in Baptist church, Vioxx, Cox-2 inhibitors, parking attendants.

Campaigning With George (0:24)

While on the campaign trail George Bush comes across John Kerry.

Film Funding Spokesperson (2:01)

A bureaucrat explains why the government gave funding for a documentary that focuses on the male anatomy.

Kerry Promo (0:56)

A new movie about presidential candidate John Kerry.

Public Health Officer (1:43)

Canada's new Chief Public Health Officer talks about Mad Hamster Disease.

Paul Martin in Russia (0:33)

Paul Martin shares a moment with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Atwood on Atwood (1:37)

Margaret Atwood talks about her first opera.

Martin Visits Chirac (0:55)

Paul Martin meets with Jacques Chirac.