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ORIGINAL AIR DATE Friday, February 11, 2005 @ 8:00PM

Craig Oliver's 3-Way (3:34)

Craig Oliver, John Ralston Saul, Nick the Greek and Kalan Porter talk about Condoleezza Rice, Dalton McGuinty, farmers circle Queen’s Park, Tutankhamun, Greeks – archeology, Scott Tournament of Hearts, capture of Saddam’s half brother.

Charles & Camilla Plan Wedding (2:12)

Charles & Camilla plan their wedding.

CBC Sports Centre: Terry Leibel (3:24)

Cutbacks and firings leaves CBC sportscaster Terry Leibel holding down the fort.

Knob Of The Week (1:15)

City council of Iqaluit gets crowned – Knob of the Week.

Paul Martin: Mr Dithers (1:32)

Paul Martin explains his stance on missile defense.

NHL Lockout Video (0:40)

Video that sums up the NHL lockout.

Newz Rapp (2:28)

Rappers Feminem and Ice Berg report on George Bush, Nobel Peace Price, Missile Shield, Vancouver Winter Olympics, Michael Jackson.

Alan Park: Not The Official Story (2:57)

Alan Park talks about Tournaments of Hearts winner, defaced nude statue in Penticton BC, improving railroads and highways in Northeaster Canada the States, beef ban, Paul Cellucci, Condoleezza Rice.

Laundromat (1:24)

while doing their laundry two women discuss Paul Martin’s missile defense situation, John Manley, Pierre Pettigrew, breast hungry gorilla.

Across Canada Today (2:21)

Across Canada Today travels to Charlottetown to talk about fish, South central Ontario to talk about the greenbelt plan and Winnipeg to talk about internet dating.